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God is the supreme power with no name or form, and you can choose a name of your liking.

Guru Maharaj


Ramashram Satsang, Mathura (RSM) is a non-sectarian spiritual organization and it has its presence in India and in many parts of the world. It has been engaged in the spiritual and various other forms of humanitarian and social service activities for more than ninety years. Inspired by the ideals of its founder and guide,and also by the unconditional love and services of the... Read more »


Every individual, by nature, seeks lasting peace and pleasure and desires sustained relief from pain and sufferings. Today the entire world is in search of means to achieve everlasting peace. However the biggest impediment, in this pursuit, is the absence of enlightened guide (master) who could teach us a process, devoid of strict rituals, which could be followed by all... Read more »


To convey to people the inscrutable and experiental secrets of spiritualitl in simle language, and people to propagate the lessions of virtuous life is the raison detre of Sadhan. Click to know more »